The School of Data Science at the University of Virginia was founded in 2019 as a "School Without Walls" and is committed to responsible data science for the common good. Our core values, as outlined in our five-year strategic plan, define our culture and therefore what and how we practice.

  • Excellence - What we do, we do best. 
  • Inclusivity - We respect people, value diversity, and are committed to equity.
  • Openness - We are committed to open innovation and transparent teamwork.
  • Be FAIR - We support the ability to Find, Access, Interoperate, and Reuse data and all other research and education products.

Underscoring the School’s vision is a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that we seek to connect to every aspect of the School. In our Inclusive Excellence Plan, we set universal goals for our students, staff, and faculty. However, the strategies developed to achieve those goals are targeted, based upon how different groups are situated within our structures and culture. We encourage you to review highlights from the School’s Inclusive Excellence Plan, as well as an overview of the Plan itself, found above. 

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