Master of Science in Data Science degree



The University of Virginia meets the growing demand for skillful, agile data scientists with the Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) degree, which is offered as an 11-month program on Grounds or a flexible program online. The MSDS degree at the Data Science Institute distinguishes itself from similar data science programs with its focus on collaboration, project-based learning, mentoring relationships and public/private partnerships. 

Our rigorous professional master’s program prepares students to lead the cutting-edge field of data science through an interdisciplinary approach that combines class work with the opportunity to apply technical and soft skills in capstone projects with industry, academic and government partners. During the capstone projects, faculty and industry and government representatives mentor the student teams as they tackle real-world problems.

MBA/MSDS degree

In partnership with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, the Data Science Institute offers a two-year program that provides training and tools to those interested in a variety of careers, from technology to entrepreneurship to consulting. 

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MD/MSDS degree

In partnership with the University of Virginia School of Medicine, the Data Science Institute offers an 11-month program that gives MD candidates the opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of data science tools and techniques to apply to their field of medicine. 

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PhD/MSDS degree

In partnership with the University of Virginia School of Nursing and other schools and departments at the University of Virginia, the Data Science Institute has created a collaborative program designed for students who desire to pursue careers using data-driven approaches in their field.

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Presidential Fellows 

The Presidential Fellowships in Data Science program is operated by the Data Science Institute, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research. This program creates opportunities for graduate students in varying disciplines to work together on collaborative research projects that address and use Big Data. 

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Executive Education

The Data Science Institute provides numerous executive education opportunities to industry leaders and professionals in a broad range of fields. Our options include credit and noncredit, customizable content, flexible formats and varied learning environments.

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