Whether your company is looking for a data scientist, a way to connect with our initiatives, or a radical approach to recruitment, we can help.

Our students are leaders, technologists, parents, career-changers, and life-long learners, all with the desire to learn and apply the skills it takes to be successful data practitioners. With four program start dates throughout the year, and programs including an 11-month full-time and an 18-month part-time M.S. in data science (MSDS), our students and graduates are perfect for your internships, short-term contracts, and full-time opportunities -- and can start year-round.

Experience levels range from entry-level through mid-level management, and our MSDS students are likely more diverse than you may first expect. We encourage you to consider them for roles at various seniority levels within your organization.



Employer Resources

To start a conversation about developing a recruiting relationship with the School of Data Science, contact Assistant Director of Career Services Reggie Leonard or call (434) 243-8001.

If you are interested in corporate partnership opportunities with the School of Data Science, reach out to Arlyn Burgess, associate dean for administration.