Visualizing Cellular Behaviors in Bacterial Biofilms using Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy

Presidential Fellows Project by Jie Wang and Mingxing Zhang

In this project, researchers Jie Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Mingxing Zhang (Chemistry) investigated the growth dynamic of bacterial biofilm with lattice light-sheet microscopy (LLSM), which is able to resolve individual cells within thick 3D biofilms in a non-invasive manner.

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Non-Invasive Single-Cell Morphometry in Living Bacterial Biofilms

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Using machine learning and image data to study bacterial communities

Forecasting Algal Blooms

This project, by Neda Nazemi and Cal Buelo, explored providing accurate ecological forecasts by using different approaches for predicting algal blooms.

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Cloudy, with a Chance of Algal Blooms

Urbanization and Climate Justice in Dakar Senegal

This project, by Angelique Demetillo and Dallas Tatman, investigated the causes of air pollution in Senegal using on the ground data science tools.

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Colonial Policies and Air Pollution in Dakar, Senegal