Data has the power to tell captivating stories and reveal hidden insights into Our World. This competition invites you to unleash your creativity and transform raw data into stunning works of art. Your challenge is to create a visually striking and thought-provoking data-inspired visualization that not only presents information but evokes emotions and captures the essence of the underlying data. We encourage you to think outside of the box, experiment with innovative design techniques, mix media, and push the boundaries of traditional data visualization. Embrace artistic boldness while ensuring your visualization conveys the data's story about our world, captivating viewers with visually appealing designs that provide valuable insights and inspire fresh engagement with data.

Data Is ART Competition: 
Call for Submissions

The UVA School of Data Science is pleased to launch the inaugural Data Is ART Competition to coincide with opening celebrations of its new home and be featured works in the new building. This year's theme is "Our World" and there is an open call for art submissions of all mediums and formats. The competition will be juried by a panel of traditional and data visualization artists and includes various categories for submission. A grand prize winner will be awarded $5,000. Additional prizes, including but not limited to honorable mentions, certificates, trophies, or monetary rewards, may be granted to winners in each respective category.

Award Ceremony and Feature Presentation
May 8, 2024


Rafik Anadol

Join us May 8, 2024, at 5 pm ET for a feature presentation by Refik Anadol, an internationally renowned media artist, director, and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence. Anadol’s body of work addresses the challenges, and the possibilities, that ubiquitous computing has imposed on humanity, and what it means to be a human in the age of AI. He explores how the perception and experience of time and space are radically changing now that machines dominate our everyday lives. Anadol is intrigued by the ways in which the digital age and machine intelligence allow for a new aesthetic technique to create enriched immersive environments that offer a dynamic perception of space.

Winners of the Data Is Art Competition will be announced in an award ceremony after the presentation with a reception to follow. All finalists are invited to attend. The presentation will take place in the Capital One Hub of the School of Data Science's new building and can be viewed in person or virtually.

The Data Is ART Competition is sponsored by the University of Virginia School of Data Science. For questions about the competition and submission guidelines, contact