The School of Data Science pursues high-impact research to further discovery, share knowledge, and change the world for good. 

Our research program is focused on the five pillars of data science—data acquisition, engineering, analysis, dissemination, and ethics—to be embodied in centers led by renowned faculty. Key areas of research are based on faculty expertise and societal need and include:

This non-traditional structure allows for coordination across key areas of data science without the constraint of departmental silos and allows the flexibility that is a necessity in the fast-paced and constantly evolving field of data science.

Our Centers and Collaboratories apply those pillars in diverse domains, fostering innovation among research groups across disciplinary boundaries. These collaborative efforts will enable researchers to share knowledge and discovery and offer a unique opportunity to create an interdisciplinary ecosystem of people, ideas, and infrastructure—a 21st-century version of the academical village.

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