The School of Data Science pursues high-impact research to further discovery, share knowledge, and change the world for good. 


An image showing which areas research grants fall in, which are described in text to the left.

The School's research portfolio has focused in large part on five broad categories:

  • Science & Computation (11)
  • Health & Medicine (15)
  • Environment & Architecture (2)
  • Governance Policy & Society (7)
  • Education & Research Development (5)

An image showing 54 faculty members at SDS and their affiliation, which is shown in text to the right

Our faculty apply data science methodologies to a wide range of domains, often working with researchers across Grounds.

Five SDS faculty have between a 10% and 51% percent joint appointment with other Schools.

Five SDS faculty are 50/50 joint with other Schools; four faculty have a less-than-50% affiliation with SDS. 

The remaining 40 faculty are 100% affiliated with SDS.


An image showing 48 active grants by SDS faculty and the breakdown, which is shown in the text to the left.

Currently, our affiliated faculty are involved in 48 active grants worth over $23 million.

Almost half the grants (23) include participants that are 100% affiliated.

16 grants involve faculty with joint (50%) or majority (51%-90%) affiliation. 

The remaining 9 grants include participants that are 25% affiliated with the School.

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