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2020 WiDS was held Friday, March 19, from 12:00pm to 5:00 p.m. Eastern. You can view the event in the videos below.

WiDS Charlottesville is an independent event organized by the UVA School of Data Science to coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. All genders are invited to attend WiDS regional events, which feature outstanding women doing outstanding work. 

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Opening Keynote

"Big Data, Little Data, or No Data? A Social Science Perspective on Data Science"


"From UVA to Industry, How to Hack into Your Career"


"AI in the Public Sector – Challenges and Future Opportunities"

  • Christina Canavan, Managing Director, Deloitte Advisory
  • Vinita Fordham, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting
  • Sarah Milsom, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
  • Moderated by Madison Gallagher, Manager, Deloitte Consulting
  • Sponsored by The Deloitte AI Institute for Government

 An Introduction to Data Linking

  • Rachel House, Senior Data Scientist, S&P Global Artificial Intelligence
  • Data linking. Record linkage. Entity resolution. Data matching. Object identification. The fascinating field of data linking is known by many names, and at its core, seeks to identify records from disparate datasets that refer to the same real-world entity. Join Rachel House, Senior Data Scientist, S&P Global Artificial Intelligence for a high-speed tour of data linking basics in which we'll explore: the need for data linking, how it works, its challenges, and practical knowledge for applying data linking to your own use cases.
  • Presentation Slides
  • This session is sponsored by S&P Global

Closing Keynote

"Accept the Challenge and Shatter Norms"

Thank you to our 2021 Women in Data Science Charlottesville Sponsors! Thank you: The Deloitte AI Institute for GovernmentLMI, Capital OneQIMOracle for ResearchS&P Global & Microsoft Azure!

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