Data Justice Academy Students Share What They Hope to Learn This Summer

July 24, 2023
four data justice academy students

Brandon Lozano 

"I hope to use data to find a more efficient and equitable tomorrow."

Undergraduate Institution:        
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Undergraduate Major:        
computer science and political science with a minor in data science

Bianka Robinson

"I am going to use show the world by showing people that look like me that you can create a space for yourself in this field."

Undergraduate Institution:        
Harris-Stowe State University

Undergraduate Major:        

Cole Whittington 

"I want to work with local governments to promote sustainable economic growth by using data science techniques."

Undergraduate Institution:        
Boston University

Undergraduate Major:        
political science 

Xinting "Sabrina" Yang

"I want to use data science to detect and prevent fraud in various industries, including finance, insurance, and e-commerce. "

Undergraduate Institution:        
University of Houston

Undergraduate Major:        
computer science


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