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The UVA School of Data Science Datapalooza 2020 event was held on November 13, 2020. Featuring highlights from student research, keynotes from experts in the field, and discussions on a variety of data science topics, and more. Videos for each section can be view below or on our YouTube channel.

The University of Virginia Data Science Institute began Datapalooza in 2017 to showcase and connect data science research happening across UVA Grounds. It has since expanded to highlight research and industry work happening around the region, helping people in the data science community make connections and expand their knowledge. 

“Datapalooza has always been a showcase for data science research happening across UVA,” Claudia Scholz

Datapalooza represents a core value of the UVA School of Data Science - fostering collaboration and engagement in data science research, education and industry communities at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, across the U.S., and around the world.

Datapalooza 2020 highlighted cutting-edge research, shed light on the way data impacts essentially every sector of society and how research at UVA, specifically through collaboration with the School of Data Science, can move forward and create positive change. The focus for the 2020 event was the civic and social responsibility of data science.


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Opening Keynote "Positive Impact of Data Science on Emerging and Reemerging Disease - COVID 19."

  • John J. McGowan, Deputy Director for Science Management, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, NIH

Panel: "Data Science that Works With and For Our Communities"

  • EDetectives: Automated detection of eating disorders in dieting forums (Jiaxing “Joy” Qiu MSDS '20)
  • The Charlottesville Housing Hub: A Platform to Make Housing Navigation Easier (Adam Lutz)
  • Reaching for the Stars and Landing on the Moon: Improving Local Government Open Data (Christof FerhmanUVA PhD Student in Quantitative Psychology & Lucas Lyons, Systems Performance Analyst, Charlottesville Fire Department)
  • The Center for Civic Innovation (Abigail Cox, Program Associate, Smart Cville)

Master of Science in Data Science Student Capstone Presentations 

  • Covid-19, from Molecules to Populations: Identifying Potential Therapeutics through Structure-Based Interactomes and Patient Health Outcomes (Brooke Williams, Cory Yemen, Kevin Lennon)
  • U.S. Presidential Election Forecasting (Ben Rogers, Spencer Marusco, Chad Sopata, Matt Thomas)
  • Measuring Infrastructure Damage with Satellite Imagery (Jordan Bales, Will Carruthers)
  • Using Twitter to Understand Public Attitudes Towards COVID (Jae Hyun Lee, Cullen Baker, Jason Lwin)
  • Presidential Speeches (Kevin Finity, Ramit Garg, Maxwell McGaw)

Panel: "Bridging Data and Policy"

  • Moderated by: Claudia Scholz, Director for Research Development, School of Data Science
  • Jerrie Kumalah, Data Scientist, Open Lattice
  • Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Daniel W. Player, Associate Professor of Public Policy, UVA Frank Batten School of Public Policy  

Closing Keynote


Datapalooza 2020 is made possible by: Quantitative Investment ManagementLMIOracle for ResearchCapital One & Linux Foundation

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