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3:15PM EST

"Bridging Data and Policy"


Local, state and national governments are determined to make decisions and set policy that is evidence-based and data-driven, yet challenges abound in relation to data collection, sharing, and maintenance, not to mention analysis and communication.  Public trust in the provenance and transparency of data poses yet another obstacle to bridging the data-policy divide.  Experts in data governance, education policy and municipal management will share their experiences and approaches to bringing data to bear on decision-making at all levels of government.


  • Jerrie Kumalah, Data Scientist, Open Lattice
    • Data Sharing Across Agencies
  • Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Data Trusts and Policymaking in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Daniel W. Player, Associate Professor of Public Policy, UVA Frank Batten School of Public Policy  
    • Challenges in data integration for education policy research