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12PM EST: Welcome Address

12:15PM: Opening Keynote "Positive Impact of Data Science on Emerging and Reemerging Disease - COVID 19."

  • John J. McGowan, Deputy Director for Science Management, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, NIH

1:15PM: Panel: "Data Science that Works With and For Our Communities"

  • EDetectives: Automated detection of eating disorders in dieting forums (Jiaxing “Joy” Qiu MSDS '20)
  • The Charlottesville Housing Hub: A Platform to Make Housing Navigation Easier (Adam Lutz)
  • Reaching for the Stars and Landing on the Moon: Improving Local Government Open Data (Christof FerhmanUVA PhD Student in Quantitative Psychology & Lucas Lyons, Systems Performance Analyst, Charlottesville Fire Department)
  • Abigail Cox, Program Associate, Smart Cville

2:15PM: Master of Science in Data Science Student Capstone Presentations 

  • Covid-19, from Molecules to Populations: Identifying Potential Therapeutics through Structure-Based Interactomes and Patient Health Outcomes (Brooke Williams, Cory Yemen, Kevin Lennon)
  • U.S. Presidential Election Forecasting (Ben Rogers, Spencer Marusco, Chad Sopata, Matt Thomas)
  • Measuring Infrastructure Damage with Satellite Imagery (Jordan Bales, Will Carruthers)
  • Using Twitter to Understand Public Attitudes Towards COVID (Jae Hyun Lee, Cullen Baker, Jason Lwin)
  • Presidential Speeches (Kevin Finity, Ramit Garg, Maxwell McGaw)

3:15PM: Panel: "Bridging Data and Policy"

  • Jerrie Kumalah, Data Scientist, Open Lattice
  • Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Daniel W. Player, Associate Professor of Public Policy, UVA Frank Batten School of Public Policy  

4:15PM: Closing Keynote



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