New Study Sheds Light on Impact of Fluvoxamine on COVID Symptoms in Certain Cases

November 19, 2023
Thomas Stewart is an associate professor of data science at UVA.

The University of Virginia’s School of Data Science is pleased to announce that a new research article from Thomas Stewart, an associate professor of data science, examining the COVID-19 treatment fluvoxamine has been published by JAMA Network, a journal sponsored by the American Medical Association. 

The study – which Stewart co-authored with physicians Paulina Rebolledo of Emory University and Ahmad Mourad of Duke University and the ACTIV-6 Study Group – examines whether 100 mg of fluvoxamine taken twice daily for 13 days by outpatient adults with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 can shorten the duration of symptoms. 

The researchers analyzed a randomized clinical trial of 1,175 participants in the United States who had COVID-19 while Omicron subvariants were circulating. They found that, when compared to a placebo group, 100 mg of fluvoxamine taken twice per day did not reduce how long patients with mild to moderate COVID experienced symptoms.  

Prior to this study, the impact of a high dosage of fluvoxamine on symptom duration for these types of cases of COVID-19 had been uncertain. 

Stewart specializes in biostatistics, clinical trials, and clinical research education. He also serves as director of the Ph.D. program at the School of Data Science.