Why will UVA not offer a Data Justice Academy program in 2024?

The school of Data Science is launching an undergraduate major in Data Science in fall 2024. All faculty will be engaged in course preparation this summer.

Am I eligible to apply... 

  • If I am a student outside the US?  No. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the US. 
  • If I am an international student? Yes. International students enrolled in an accredited college or university in the U.S. are eligible to apply. Note that you may have to use 10 weeks of the practical training allowed by your visa to participate in this program. Please consult the international student office on your home campus for guidance.
  • If I graduated last year? No. You must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program. 
  • If I am enrolled as a non-degree seeking student? No, you must be seeking an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Part-time or online students are eligible, but only if enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Bootcamps and certificate programs are excluded. 
  • If I am graduating in May 2023? Yes, though priority will be given to rising juniors and seniors. 
  • If I am a freshman? Yes, particularly if you have some prior coding or statistical experience. 

Is the position paid? 

  • Yes, students receive $600/week for 10 weeks. 
  • UVA dorm housing is covered
  • Travel to and from Charlottesville is reimbursable. 

Can I work another job or internship at the same time? 

  • This is an immersive experience. Full-time participation is required during the program, except for the Juneteenth and Independence Day holidays.

Is there a minimum GPA required to participate? 

  • We ask for a transcript and will review your course experience and grades, but there is no GPA cut-off. 

What kind of experience are you looking for? 

  • The requirements will vary by project.  In your essay, please describe any related coursework, project or work experience you bring to the research team. For example, did you complete a data visualization in Tableau for a class? Did you complete a Coursera course on Python? Tell us about related coursework, especially if the data science content might not be clear from the course title listed on your transcript. 

Are there other programs like this?