Centering ethics and justice at the core of data science

The Center for Data Ethics and Justice equips researchers, faculty and students at the University of Virginia to address relevant ethical, social and political issues that intersect with data science.

The Center for Data Ethics and Justice is committed to ethical reflection and imagination regarding the most pressing challenges of a data-driven and increasingly automated society.

Beginning from a relational ethics approach, our work is particularly concerned with the possibility of responsivity and attuned care, justice, and the good life in a networked world, where to be human is always to be intertwined with technologies. The Center takes up this concern with a focus on such data-centric challenges as bias, discrimination and inequality; platforms and the question of control and capture; artificial intelligence; and openness.

The Center for Data Ethics and Justice fosters research and education that critically engages these with the intent of offering alternative and innovative responses to help build a better world for all.