Led by Kelsey Campbell (Founder/Data Scientist, Gayta Science: Data Science and Analytics with a LGBTQ+ Focus)

kelsey campbell

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a powerful and generalizable method that allows insight into the complicated patterns found within social connection data. This session will introduce SNA for a beginner audience; including how to structure data before building a network, calculating and interpreting basic network statistics, and commonly used tools and technologies. A number of applied examples from across industry and academia, including a personal project focused on LGBTQ+ health, will demonstrate the versatility of SNA. Finally, a hands-on demo will walk through creating, visualizing, and analyzing social networks using industry standard Python packages.

Attendees interested in following along with the demo should bring their laptops with Python 3.x installed (Anaconda Distribution recommended). The Jupyter notebook used in the demo will be made available after the session.