20 Months

32 credit hours over five terms

100% Online

Synchronous class times with faculty


The average salary post-graduation

Become a Data Pioneer and Leader with Your Master's Degree

The University of Virginia’s online M.S. in Data Science (MSDS) offers an integrated curriculum that features interdisciplinary data science courses and practical, hands-on learning projects. In just five semesters over 20 months, you will work with experts in diverse domains to learn analytics and machine learning while building end-to-end pipelines. Whether you are a career switcher, recent college graduate working full time who wants to further your education, a STEM professional seeking a promotion, an avid coder or someone who wants to master data science tools, you have a place in our cutting-edge online master's in data science program.

We're now accepting applications for our next cohort. We seek students with a variety of strengths, including a problem-solving mindset, working knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts, quantitative ability and effective communication skills. Earn your master's in data science from the University of Virginia and change the course of your career.

A Fast-Growing, High-Paying Career Path

Data scientist and data engineer are two of the fastest-growing jobs, according to LinkedIn's Emerging Jobs Report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual salary for data scientists as $100,910 in 2021, with the top 10% making an annual salary of $167,040. Data scientists can work in a variety of industries, including technology, science, healthcare, cybersecurity and more.

Jon Kropko
“The Online MSDS is built for people with lives. We do everything we can to make the on-grounds educational experience accessible to people with full-time jobs, families, and good reasons not to drop everything to move to Charlottesville.”
Jon Kropko
Program Director, M.S. in Data Science Online

Cutting-Edge, Hands-On Curriculum Taught By Expert Faculty

In the program, you'll take a core set of data science courses with two electives and complete a hands-on, sponsored capstone project in data science. Courses are interdisciplinary and taught by expert faculty with years of experience in the field. Large data sets are used between courses to increase the program’s cohesion, and students work consistently in teams throughout, building strong relationships with their peers and faculty mentors, who hold official office hours. 

You'll become familiar with big data systems, business analytics, computer science fundamentals, deep learning and ethics.

Additional topics you'll explore:

  • Bayesian Machine Learning
  • Exploratory Text Analytics
  • Linear Models Practice and Applications
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Statistical Learning

University of Virginia School of Data Science: School Without Walls

The University of Virginia School of Data Science — the first of its kind in the nation — is guided by common goals: to further discovery, share knowledge and make a positive impact on society through collaborative, open and responsible data science research and education. By working with experts in diverse domains, applying data science to real-world issues and learning both the practical application of data science and the principles behind it, our students are poised to become leaders and pioneers in the field.

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