Class of 2021: From Math to Music, Jon Gómez Pays Attention to Patterns

Article from UVA Today

Jon Gómez

Jon Gómez, a master’s student in the University of Virginia’s School of Data Science, works as a software engineer, but fuels his passion for music through Argentinian tango and volunteering with the Charlottesville Municipal Band. Soon to graduate from the online M.S. in Data Science Program, Gómez has discovered many parallels between data science, math and music.

“I have always loved math, and simultaneously, I have always loved music,” he said. “I think in both of these domains, and paying attention to patterns helped me be successful in the data science program.”

A Charlottesville native with Argentinian roots, Gómez is excited to apply data science to various disciplines. 

“My dad works in biomedical research, and I have always admired the work he does,” Gómez remarked. “He always tells me that biomedicine increasingly needs strong data scientists and bioinformaticians, which inspired me to return to school and pursue data science.”

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