Bridging Academia and Real-World Impact: Insights from LMI’s Executive in Residence

June 13, 2024
Brant Horio converses with two students.

Capstone projects benefit both industry partners and the UVA data science master's program, bringing "fresh perspectives" to outside organizations and highlighting for students the practical applications of artificial intelligence, according to LMI's Brant Horio.

Horio, vice president of applied research and partnerships at LMI, teamed up with the Career Services office at the School of Data Science for their Executive in Residence program in an event titled, "Executive in Residence: Capstone Projects as Real-World Client Experience." 

Horio answered questions pertaining to capstone projects, which give teams of students the opportunity to partner with a variety of organizations to gain experience and perspective on everyday issues. They are required for all students in both the residential and online data science master's programs.

"At LMI, leveraging applied data science to support government missions has revealed a world of opportunities and pathways for making a real difference," said Horio. 

"We see the sponsored capstone project as a way to enrich both our organizations: for LMI, to help advance our thinking from new fresh perspectives, and for UVA, to expose the application side of AI as more than just academic learning."

Close up image of Brant Horio.
"We are continually impressed by the data science curriculum at UVA and are proud supporters. We can’t wait for next year." said Horio. 

Kevin Finn, a data science master's degree graduate whose capstone supported the Small Business Administration, was excited to her from Horio, given LMI's work with the Department of Defense. 

"LMI has been on the forefront of using data to war game and create simulations for the DoD. It was fascinating to hear about a field where data is being used more every day," he said. 


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