27 Feb

Ethics and Trust in AI Systems

February 27, 2023 Hybrid
2:00 PM 3:00 PM

Elliewood Conference Room

Guest Lecture

Farhana Faruqe, MS

Faruqe HeadshotPervasive, intelligent, and autonomous systems are reshaping our lives and society at every level. Abundant data enables better decision-making for individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations. At the same time, adverse outcomes happen that cause people to lose trust in AI and eventually decline to use AI-based systems and products. The nature of trust and how to make systems trustworthy is an important research topic. A current focus is the efficacy of ethics guidelines and how they might be embedded in data science systems development life cycles.

Farhana Faruqe has a cross-disciplinary background with 12+ years of research experience in AI ethics, data science, and software development. A goal of hers is to integrate ethics into systems design and development to maximize the trustworthiness and quality of human-computer interaction. An outcome of this research is AI4Equity, her non-profit initiative for enabling young women to develop AI knowledge and skills in societies with inequalities in the tech field.