Health & Biomedicine
22 Feb

Department of Statistics Colloquium with Jeffrey Blume

February 22, 2024 Hybrid
11:00 AM 12:00 PM


Monroe Hall, Room 122

What is a Second-Generation P-Value, and Why You Should Care 

The UVA Department of Statistics will host Jeffrey Blume, School of Data Science Quantitative Foundation Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, for their colloquium series. The event will be held in person at Monroe Hall, Room 122 and via Zoom

Despite decades of controversy, p-values remain a popular tool for assessing when the data are incompatible with the null hypothesis. While it is widely recognized that p-values are imperfect, the consequences of ignoring their flaws remain elusive and p-values continue to flourish in the scientific literature. 

In this talk, Jeffrey Blume will introduce the second-generation p-value, a novel and intuitive tool that better serves the intended purpose. He will illustrate their use in several examples, including a high-dimensional genomics setting, and show how their implicit emphasis on scientific relevance leads to improved statistical performance (as measured by error rates and false discovery rates) and yields a better assessment of scientific relevance. Additional materials can be found here.