Funding Your Degree

We understand graduate school is an investment of your time and resources. Visit Funding Your Graduate Degree for options to help pay for graduate school.

Funding Your Graduate Degree

Student Financial Services Office

Online MSDS Program Tuition

On average the program is around $45,000 for tuition and fees, not including any financial aid in the form of loans or external scholarships. 

Semesters 1-4

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,467
  • Fees per credit hour: $9
  • Credits per semester: 6
  • Total cost per semester: $8,811

Semester 5

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,467
  • Fees per credit hour: $9
  • Credits per semester: 8
  • Total cost per semester: $11,745

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 is required if an offer of admission is accepted. The deposit will be applied toward tuition. Tuition and Fee rates are subject to change every academic year, as approved by the University of Virginia.

Convince Your Boss

Prepare to start the conversation with your company about helping fund your degree. First, make sure to do your research and learn the details of your company’s educational benefits programs or professional development fund policy. Second, be sure to always highlight the value of the program for yourself and the company. Use these helpful talking points to start a conversation with your supervisor or manager:

  1. What is UVA's M.S. in Data Science program?

    The M.S. in Data Science (MSDS Online) program is a part-time, 100% virtual master’s degree designed for working professionals. The program is over five semesters and I will be able to complete it in 20 months. I will learn cutting-edge tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in my work. The UVA School of Data Science is the first of its kind in the nation and prepare graduates to be leaders in the field of data science – through curriculum led by faculty experts with built-in, hands-on learning projects.
  2. How will the program help me be more effective in my current role and add value to the company?

    Through the team-based capstone research project, I will be able to use what I learn to create an excellent product for our clients. I will hone my consulting and project management skills which will enable me to be even more effective with our internal and external stakeholders and clients. The capstone research projects are sponsored by companies and organizations (academic, commercial, non-profit, and government) seeking valuable recommendations to address strategic and operational issues. I will bring back lessons and best practices to share with my team. 

    I will become an expert coder with a practical toolkit that spans across the data science industry. I will make valuable connections that can expand our talent pipeline and my professional network. UVA's M.S. in Data Science is not like other online master’s programs that are totally asynchronous, with no interaction with faculty or other students. This program is cohort-based, meaning I will stay connected with my cohort throughout my five semesters and work with different groups on projects throughout the program. 
  3. What are some perks for the company?

    Earn a $5,250 tax education benefit per employee each year.

Would you rather send an email to get the conversation going? Use the "Convince Your Boss" template provided below to provide general program information and highlight key benefits.

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