We're looking to craft a community of motivated scholars who: 

  • Are passionate about collaboratively solving the world's challenges using data science
  • Desire to apply their intellectual curiosity around data science to a broad range of compelling contexts
  • Are ready to engage with a rigorous STEM curriculum
  • Recognize the value of diverse perspectives and strive to build and contribute to our inclusive community

The BSDS is a three-year program; students apply to the major as an internal transfer in the spring of their first year. Prospective high school students interested in the major should refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for more information about the first-year admission process. 

Are you a current first-year UVA student? Connect with us to learn more.

Prerequisites for Admission

The BSDS program has prerequisites of the following two courses, which must be completed or in progress at the time of application:

  • DS 1001: Foundations of Data Science (3 credits)
  • DS 1002: Programming for Data Science (3 credits)*

Both courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters, can be taken in any order, do not have prerequisites, and may be taken concurrently.  

*Refer to our FAQs for alternatives to DS 1002. 

Application Materials

Application Materials

You are required to provide the following by the application deadline:

  • Completion of the application, where you will enter your Student Information System (SIS) credentials to fill your information and UVA transcript. You also have two short answer questions: 

    Required – UVA-wide Essay: What about your individual background, perspective, or experience will serve as a source of strength for you or those around you at UVA? Feel free to write about any past experience or part of your background that has shaped your perspective and will be a source of strength, including but not limited to those related to your community, upbringing, educational environment, race, gender, or other aspects of your background that are important to you. (250 words or fewer) 

    Optional Addendum: An application addendum is not required; however, you may have additional information that would be useful for the admissions committee. Use this space to discuss positive dimensions of your background not otherwise highlighted in this application, or to provide insight and/or context regarding other aspects, including, but not limited to, aberrant grades, gaps in your academic record or resume, or other extenuating circumstances. (250 words or fewer; optional). 
  • Upload a resume, which includes your academic, work, or extracurricular experience over the last three years. You are also encouraged to include any prior experience in data science. 
  • Your final essay from DS 1001 Foundations of Data Science.
  • Request one professor, supervisor, advisor, manager, etc. to complete a recommendation form (linked in the application). This recommender may NOT be anyone affiliated with the School of Data Science (i.e. professor, staff, student, etc.). Only one recommendation is permitted. 

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances. For more information about the application process, refer to the FAQs page.

Application Timeline

First-year students apply to the major in their second semester and will know their admission decision in the summer. 

  • Application Opens: March 1, 2024
  • Application Deadline: May 24, 2024
  • Admission Decisions Released: June 14, 2024
  • Deadline to Respond to Offer: June 24, 2024
  • Waitlist Closes: August 20, 2024 

Other Ways to Learn Data Science

Due to the three-year structure of the BSDS program, only first-year students may apply. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students, as well as transfer students, may pursue the undergraduate Minor in Data Science, or consider one of our graduate programs.

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