The School of Data Science provides support and aids students in defining success for themselves. Professional advising staff and program managers have a proactive and holistic approach to working with students by identifying and addressing potential roadblocks early on, such as academic struggles or personal issues.  

Prospective students should review our Program Overview and contact our Admissions team for questions about a specific program. 

Quick Links

Academic Advising

Ph.D. in Data Science

Students are advised by the Program Director when they enroll in the Ph.D. in data science. When a research advisor is established, the student will consult their research advisor during the enrollment period. 

M.S. in Data Science (MSDS)

  • Students stay on their academic track and are automatically enrolled each term. Advisors are available to talk if students need to deviate from their plan. View the MSDS residential or the MSDS online track.
  • Students get to choose their electives, during which time they may have more outreach from the Program Manager regarding pre-approved electives, the process for requesting a new elective option, and important dates for enrollment.
  • Students are encouraged to reach out to the MSDS Residential Ambassadors or MSDS Online Ambassadors with questions about their respective programs or to ask about their student experience.

B.S. in Data Science (BSDS)

  • Every student admitted to the BSDS is advised by the Student Success Advisor. The Student Success Advisor provides orientation and clarity on academic requirements, offers information on institutional policies, and assists students in developing a coherent academic plan that is tailored to their interests and career goals.
  • Students in their first semester of the BSDS will be enrolled in their required data science courses by the School of Data Science Registrar. Students are responsible for registering for all other classes in the Student Information System (SIS). 
  • BSDS students may schedule one-on-one appointments with their advisor during the academic year.

Data Science Minor

Students are encouraged to read over the data science minor requirements and speak with the major advisor with any initial questions. Questions about the minor should be directed to the Student Success Advisor at To hear firsthand about the minor, meet the Data Science Minor Ambassadors.

Academic Resources

 Visit the one-stop shop for all student resources at UVA.

Academic Calendar

Important dates and deadlines are available each academic year, including January-Term (J-Term) and summer session. 

Library Resources

The UVA Library is your central hub for academic support on Grounds! With multiple locations, virtual technical workshops offered for common data-related topics, and makerspaces for 3D printing and scanning, electronics, virtual reality, and more, students are encouraged to explore everything that the Library has to offer.

The School of Data Science is excited to work with a data science librarian. Their contact information and more resources can be found on the Data Science Research Guide, which also lists information for researching data and helpful resources in data science.  

School of Data Science Workshops

The School of Data Science often provides workshops for students to hone their skills in various areas, focusing on subjects such as Python, GitHub, Rivanna, High Performing Computing, and SQL. Topics and times vary by semester.  

Instructional Support

Teaching assistants are assigned as additional resources for each class. TAs provide office hours and other instructional support based on the needs of individual professors and courses. Faculty also offer regular office hours, and free virtual tutoring is available to all graduate students. 

Career & Professional Development

Students have access to a range of career resources, including one-on-one advising, workshops, and career events to build career development skills and connect with employers and alumni. For students interested in research opportunities, they should reach out to faculty directly. 

Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students through all stages of the writing process. Consultants can help with any kind of writing, and some have specialized training in ESL. The Writing Center is available to any UVA student regardless of year, major, or school.

Student Disability Access Center 

Students are encouraged to contact the Student Disability Access Center at the time of their admittance to discuss procedures and guidelines for obtaining learning accommodations. 

Technology Resources

Below are just a few of the technologies that data science students should be familiar with at UVA:


Canvas is UVA’s Learning Management System where classes post assignments, grades, readings, and other information. It requires log-in via Netbadge


Starting in fall of 2025, undergraduate students will have the ability to monitor their academic requirements and progress through Stellic

Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is the system of record for all student-related information including class enrollment, teaching, and exam schedules, unofficial transcripts and grades, and student finances. A helpful resource is the SIS Help FAQs.

Computer Buying Guide

Students are encouraged to review the video for computer purchasing recommendations.

Financial Resources

Below is more information and links for funding various aspects of your education at UVA and through the School of Data Science:

Student Financial Services


UVA Emergency Funding

Hoo Needs Help exists to support students who need assistance with unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable emergency expenses. These may be expenses related to situations such as accidents, illness, theft, fire damage, food insecurity, or temporary housing needs. Hoo Needs Help is a centralized entry point for all UVA students to apply for emergency financial support. Emergency support may be provided in the form of grants or short-term loans.

SDS Emergency Funding

  • The Student Emergency Grant supports the financial wellness and personal welfare of our students within the School of Data Science.
  • Students must complete an application for consideration and agree to meet with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs to discuss their stated need.
  • The application can be found on the SDS Student Portal

SDS Professional Development Fund

  • The Office of Student Affairs in the School of Data Science offers up to $300 in professional development funds to students throughout their time in the program. 
  • The opportunities that are covered include (1) conference registration fees; (2) Coursera premium; (3) interview assistance platforms; and (4) coding platforms.   
  • Students can find the link to apply through the SDS Student Portal.


Canvas is UVA’s Learning Management System where classes post assignments, grades, readings, and other information. It requires log-in via Netbadge

Other Resources

These are other helpful resources around Grounds that students may be interested in. Visit the one-stop shop for all student resources at UVA. 

Just Report It

Just Report It is the University's online system for reporting. For a list of confidential resources and information for anonymous reporting, please visit the Office of Equal Opportunities and Civil Rights. Examples of behaviors to report through the Just Report It portal include the following:

  • Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence
  • Bias and Discrimination/Harassment
  • Hazing
  • Clery Act Compliance (by CSAs)
  • Interference with Speech Rights
  • Youth Protection
  • Preventing and Addressing Threats or Acts of Violence

Student Disability Access Center 

Students are encouraged to contact the Student Disability Access Center at the time of their admittance to discuss procedures and guidelines for obtaining learning accommodations.

Office of African American Affairs

The Office of African American Affairs was established in 1976 as an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Virginia.  It is charged with the responsibility of assisting academic and non-academic units in meeting the challenges of service delivery to African American students.

Veterans & Military Student Support

We're here to serve those who serve the world! Veteran and military students arrive on Grounds with such diverse and dynamic experiences we want to help you incorporate and leverage them into your time at UVA and beyond. Find resources and community at UVA for veteran and military students. 

Asian American Student Center

The Asian American Student Center is committed to honoring and increasing awareness around the vibrant and complex cultures, histories, experiences, and issues of the Asian diaspora.

Students with Families

The School of Data Science welcomes the partners, spouses, and children of our students as a part of our community.  

Multicultural Student Services 

Multicultural Student Services (MSS) provides programs and services to promote the holistic success and well-being of historically marginalized students while also providing educational and engagement opportunities for all. MSS empowers students in their identity, builds community, and helps a diverse group of students find their individual and collective voices.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is a vital hub of resources and opportunities on Grounds that provides free counseling, internships and scholarships programs, community mentorship programs, workshops, study spaces, and more.  

LGBTQ Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Center seeks to foster the development of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, alumni, and allies.

Peer Support Programs

Learn about various peer support and mentoring programs available to UVA students.