A united data science effort between two UVA schools

Founded on the ideal that interdisciplinary collaboration can greatly enhance research and learning outcomes

The Collaboratory for the Advancement of Education and Data Science combines two premier schools at the University of Virginia in an effort to unravel data-related problems connected within the field of education.

As the first collaboratory connected with the School of Data Science, the Collaboratory for the Advancement of Education and Data Science (CAEDS) will help process the vast amounts of data acquired by the School of Education through its partnership with outside institutions. It will provide an opportunity for UVA faculty and students to work together to engage not only with the data but with the school's partners as well.

The Collaboratory is divided into different Incubator Hubs, which Brian Wright described as "hotbeds of current data science activity" within the School of Education. The first hub is led by Ben Castleman and focuses on economic mobility. The second hub, exploring replication studies, is led by Vivian Wong. The third hub is led by Emily Kohler, in partnership with the EdTech Evidence Exchange, and focuses on education technology implementation.

Vivian Wong's Lab

Ben Castleman's Lab

Emily Kohler’s Lab

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