Wikipedia + The School of Data Science

Working in partnership with the Wikipedia community, the school is uniquely positioned to build scalable partnerships that deliver impact in nearly any subject and in every language, providing limitless opportunities and possibilities.

Creating and translating content in Wikipedia has the power to advance global issues like health, climate change, migration, agriculture, labor, and education. Wikipedia is a high-impact, low-cost communication tool with global reach— as the most popular general information source on nearly every topic, it attracts 18 billion page views and 500 million unique visitors each month.

The School of Data Science has expertise in Wikipedia, Linked Open Data, language translation, and numerous subject areas, making it an ideal partner for generating new content.

Wikipedia Content Translation 

UVA and Wikipedia have developed a model where experts can create and manage communication campaigns that produce new content and metrics to illustrate reach. Content is drafted, translated, refined, and finalized as structured data, so that it can be queried, analyzed, and shared. This model sets precedents in free and open publishing, while ensuring content is shareable and useable.

Partnership Opportunities 

UVA serves as a strong third-party partner between public and private institutions and the Wikipedia community. We bring a model of proven workflows, project management, ethical oversight, and quality assurance. With expertise in a plethora of fields, as well as the global impact of Wikipedia, the opportunities for partnership with the School of Data Science are endless. Contact us for more information on how we can collaborate.

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Lane Rasberry- Wikimedian-in-Residence