Research at the School of Data Science spans all disciplines and industries, including science, medicine, finance, policy, law, and the humanities.

  •  Ethics and justice
  • Normativity – the evolution of rule and law making
  • Quantitative analysis of democracy
  • Global health modeling in a pandemic
  • Pandemic health information – iTHRIV, language translation (e.g. Wikipedia in India)
  • Biomedical data sciences
  • The brain and data science
  • Environmental science
  • Materials science and machine learning
  • Neuroscience informatics – neurogenerative disorders, autism, imaging
  • Educational analytics and impact of online education during COVID-19
  • Digital humanities and digital library archives, text analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial modeling – business analytics and supply chains
  • Smart cities and predictive modeling

*See PDF titled "Funding Needs at the UVA School of Data Science" below

II. STRENGTHEN OUR FOUNDATION - Corporate Partnerships

The School of Data Science is on the brink of unprecedented breakthroughs—but we need your support. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your company around innovative data science research and teaching. Together, we can not only promote equity and justice, but ensure the continued health and well-being of our community and our world.

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III. MAKE UVA SYNONYMOUS WITH SERVICE - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Working in partnership with UVA’s Equity Center, the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, as well as external research centers at the intersection of data science and racial justice, we strive to leverage our shared expertise to find solutions and build community in a time of uncertainty. Our ability to overcome extraordinary challenges requires extraordinary levels of support. The School of Data Science is seeking new resources to ensure that we can fight social injustice today—and better prepare our global community for unforeseen crises in the future. UVA’s new School of Data Science is fulfilling this mission through proactive outreach to diverse communities to conduct research and teaching to combat social injustice.


Faculty Hiring and Support

  •  Support for a Data Activist in Residence
  • Funding for faculty hiring – five tenure-track professors and three assistant professors
  • Expansion of undergraduate offerings to support a data science minor (expected in Spring 2021)
  • Support for faculty research projects
  • Collaborative efforts between UVA’s eleven other schools

Support needed: $100,000+

Student Fellowships and Diversity Initiatives

  • Support for students of color embarking on data science careers through our Ridley Scholarship partnership
  • Sponsorships for our annual Women in Data Science conference
  • Presidential Fellowships for diverse graduate student collaboration across Grounds
  • Capstone Research Projects at the intersection of data science and racial injustice
  • Corporate Partnerships to foster enhanced recruiting and mentorship for diverse student populations

Support needed: $1,000 - $10,000+

*See PDF titled "Fighting Social Injustice with Data Science" below


Our UVA family and the world face unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19. Yet with dedication, hard work, and creativity, our students, faculty, and staff have continued the core mission of the University—advancing knowledge and the common good through excellent teaching, research, and clinical care. UVA’s new School of Data Science is fulfilling this mission through innovative and proactive teaching and research to combat the novel coronavirus. The School of Data Science is the first of its kind in the nation, yet it has already convened the best and brightest in data science—a flourishing field that intersects all aspects of society—from epidemiology and health care, to economics and public policy, and beyond. Working in partnership with the UVA Health System, the National Institutes of Health, the Biocomplexity Institute, Wikipedia, and more, the School of Data Science is pushing epidemiological and public health research to new limits.

School of Data Science COVID-19 Information and Updates

Learn more out our collaboration with Wikipedia

*See PDF titled "Fighting a Global Pandemic with Data Science" below