Moving, Managing, and Storing Research Data: Openly


Time: 2-2:45 PM EST

Workshop Leader:

Pablo Selem, Director of Product Development, Oracle for Research

Researchers, developers, and educators use public data sets to explore and test hypotheses, teach, and learn about data use, and develop new computational simulations, ML/AI algorithms and solutions. While vast amounts of public data are available through government-funded and other organizations globally, including existing cloud vendors, raw data is often difficult to access, manage, use, and extract knowledge from. These users need cleaned, curated data and the tools and licenses to combine, distribute, re-use and collaborate around data sets. Our proposal is to offer data sets, tools and solutions that facilitate domain-specific accelerated use of open data sets. Our platform aims to target key pain points for researchers, educators, students and developers who create, use and manipulate large data sets in their daily work. We will enable data producers to publish and share data easily by providing access to curated data sets.


This session is sponsored by Oracle for Research.


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