Guess Who?: Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis


Workshop Leader: Peter Alonzi Ph.D., Lead of Research Computing, School of Data Science with help by Declan Young and Joseph Lee.


Time: 11:15AM- 12:45 EST, in person

This workshop introduces the concept of decision trees through the tabletop game "Guess Who?". Participants will be paired off and work through a lab exercise starting with the game "Guess Who?". By the end not only will you be able to defeat their child in this game, but the foundations of decision tree analysis will be firmly established. A fun extension exercise will be introduced to continue practicing skills at home. And there is a special Boss Battle against the instructor for those willing to take on the challenge. NB: This workshop uses the active learning philosophy. Only enroll if you want to learn and be active.

This workshop will take place in person at the School of Data Science Elliewood location.

To reserve your place, you must register for the session.