A Fireside Chat with S&P Global Chief Data Officer Nate Haskins and the DSI’s Dr. Phil Bourne

Friday, Jan. 25 | 4pm | Holloway Hall (Bavaro Hall - Central Grounds)

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Data is how we transact with the universe around us. It’s how we communicate, how we surface ideas, how we make purchases, and how we learn. Companies understand this, and in today’s world, every industry is part of the technology industry. You buy groceries from a tech company, your pizza delivery guy works for one, and you are able to get from home to work because of one.

Any company that’s not thinking of themselves through the lens of technology and data, is a company not long for this world.

Join S&P Global Chief Data Officer Nate Haskins and DSI Director Dr. Phil Bourne for a discussion of trends in business being driven by AI and machine learning, technology’s effects on the market and data-driven initiatives underway at S&P Global.


This talk is part of the UVA Data Science Institute Distinguished Lecture Series.


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