UVA Team Will Work To Preserve Mayan Languages

The Daily Progress
October 13, 2021
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado joins UVA team working to preserve Mayan languages

The Daily Progress
Oct. 9, 2021

University of Virginia language professor will join a colleague from the UVA School of Data Sciences in an effort to preserve two languages edging closure to extinctions.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $250,000 grant Allison Bigelow, an associate professor in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The grant will help Bigelow preserve the endangered Mayan languages of K’iche’ and Yukatek and the unique cultural perspectives the languages provide. The funds will help finance a joint project with Rafael Alvarado, associate professor of UVa’s School of Data Sciences that looks to advance knowledge of endangered human languages.

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