Mike Porter and Pete Alonzi to support pediatric heart transplant research through a Jefferson Trust grant

February 16, 2022
pediatric heart transplant

Project: Optimizing pediatric donor heart utilization using big data analytics ($133,078)

A team of pediatric cardiologists, data scientists, students, and engineers are using big data analytics to optimize pediatric heart transplants—the right donor heart, with the right patient, at the right time. Analyzing data sets from the United Network of Organ Sharing, the most comprehensive representation of pediatric heart transplantation system in the world will help to improve clinical practice and create predictive modeling to assess specific donors for specific candidates.

Michael D. Porter and Peter Alonzi from the School of Data Science are collaborating with Michael McCulloch from Pediatric Cardiology at the School of Medicine. The research originated with grants from iTHRIV and Engineering-in-Medicine and a Systems Engineering capstone project.

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