17 Jun

Principles and Strategies to Promote Digital Accessibility: A Presentation By Kevin Andrews

June 17, 2024 In-person
10:30 AM 12:00 PM

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Someone looks at an iPad

Promoting digital accessibility is a critical priority for communicators and web developers. To make online experiences more inclusive requires carefully developed strategies and plans. How can these be crafted in a way that makes implementation achievable? 

Kevin Andrews of Georgetown University is a certified web accessibility specialist and will present his insights on how developers and communicators can make inclusive digital experiences a reality. Andrews is deeply dedicated to exceeding mere compliance. With a robust understanding of internationally recognized digital accessibility standards and guidelines, he is highly motivated and driven. 

Kevin Andrews
Kevin Andrews of Georgetown University

Andrews genuinely believes in his mission, and with his enthusiastic and collaborative nature, he tirelessly ensures that websites and mobile applications go beyond meeting standards to truly serve all users with accessibility and usability. He emphasizes the importance of the right approach and mindset. Andrews' background includes public speaking to various audiences, conducting accessibility audits and producing detailed reports, collaborating with diverse teams to address accessibility challenges, delivering accessibility training and workshops from teams of 20 to 200, and employing effective communication skills characterized by clarity and empathy.

This public event is sponsored by UVA's School of Data Science, Office of the Vice President and Provost, and University Communications. The target audience includes communications professionals of all levels, web developers, and digital accessibility coordinators. The aim is to enhance awareness, understanding, and implementation of inclusive digital practices to ensure equitable access for all users. 

Reserve Your Seat

This event is free and open to the public. 

The presentation is expected to run for approximately 90 minutes, including time for questions and discussions. 

Presentation Outline:

Introduction to Digital Accessibility 

  • Definition and importance of digital accessibility 
  • Legal and ethical considerations 
  • Impact on diverse user groups, including students with disabilities 
  • Guidelines and Standards 

 Overview of WCAG 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

  • Applicability to different digital platforms (websites, documents, multimedia) 

  • Understanding and implementing accessibility standards 

Digital Accessibility Best Practices 

  • Inclusive design principles 

  • Techniques for creating accessible content 
  • Addressing common accessibility challenges 

Tools and Resources 

  • Introduction to accessibility evaluation tools 

  • Resources for continuous learning and staying updated 
  • Things you can do now 

Q&A and Open Discussion