Brigitte Hogan has worked as a quantitative analyst for the US Army since 2011. She heads an R Users Group Community of Interest and has training in spatial analysis, mathematical modeling and statistics. 

Dr. Hogan received her PhD in Biology in 2010 from Arizona State University. Her dissertation, titled “The Plateau Pika: A Keystone Engineer on the Tibetan Plateau,” investigated how a small, social mammal and its underground burrow systems alter plant diversity, nutrient availability and landscape structure in alpine meadows of western China. Her research in Qinghai Province, PRC, was funded by a National Science Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and a National Security Education Program David L. Boren Fellowship.

Dr. Hogan graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2000 with a double major in Biology and German. She spent a year abroad as a student in Austria, and an additional year after graduation as an English-language Teaching Assistant with the Fulbright Program.

Dr. Hogan is a certified Virginia Master Naturalist and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.