Brian Wright featured guest on UC Berkeley's Data Science Education Podcast

February 3, 2022
Brian Wright

Brian Wright, Assistant Professor of Data Science and Director of Undergraduate Programs at UVA's School of Data Science, joined the University of California at Berkeley as a featured guest on their Data Science Education Podcast. Wright discussed the challenges and steps of building coursework for an evolving and interdisciplinary field. He told podcast hosts Eric Van Dusen and Harry Li that he promotes data intuition and encourages concentration in a domain area–understanding data science as realized through real-world application.

Wright used UVA’s School of Data Science, a “school without walls,” as an example of the interdisciplinary nature of data science and importance in collaborating across disciplines. "We’re lucky at UVA because we have this school of Data Science...a freestanding school with its own dean. The nice thing about this is that it creates a ‘known identity’ for where data science sits on campus.” While discussing the future of data science, Wright said he hopes to see the field “matriculate down” to pre-college studies, preparing the next generation of data scientists as early as middle and high school.

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Listen to the full episode, here.