Linear Algebra for Data Scientists is an on-demand, noncredit 8-week boot camp that will prepare you to use linear algebra in data science. Successful completion will satisfy the linear algebra prerequisite for the University of Virginia's M.S. in Data Science. Throughout the 8 weeks, you will have the opportunity to connect with a peer tutor to troubleshoot any questions.  

Lectures, Examples, and Practice Problems

This boot camp is composed of a series of on-demand videos that expertly guide you through eight modules, one for each week of the program. Each module topic begins with a lecture video that teaches you core concepts and outlines steps you need to complete assigned problems. Guided example videos show an instructor demonstrating how to work through sample problems, and the final video type provides practice problems for you to work through on your own.

Exams and Practice Quizzes

At the end of each module, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge and skills. You will also have opportunities throughout the modules to apply concepts as you learn them through practice quizzes. There are two exams associated with this boot camp, the first at the end of Module 4 (covering material learned in modules 1-4) and the second at the end of Module 8 (covering material learned in modules 5-8).

Award of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of Linear Algebra for Data Scientists, you will receive an award of completion that will satisfy the linear algebra prerequisite for the M.S. in Data Science program. Satisfactory completion is based on a score of 85% or higher on both exams. Participants will be permitted to retake each exam once should they not score 85% or higher on their first attempt. 

Format: Online - Live virtual and on demand

Duration: 8 weeks (asynchronous)

Start Dates: At any time

Cost: $500 

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