Renée Cummings: Want your tech inclusive? Develop it collaboratively

Sophie Burkholder
June 21, 2022 | July 16, 2022

In a keynote address at PART's Responsible Tech Summit, the data activist talked algorithms, DEI and artificial intelligence.

What does building a responsibility-driven culture of technology innovation look like?

The Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology (PART) hosted its first-ever Responsible Technology Summit this week at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the hopes of answering that question.

The summit centered on a series of expert-led discussions around the most pressing concerns regarding responsibility of tech innovation and use, and what solutions to those problems might look like. It came after the release of a comprehensive report from PART earlier this year, which marked a renewal of the organization’s participation in the local tech industry.

Discussions throughout the day focused on disinformation and technology, AI engineering for change, individual readiness and economy preparedness. But bringing it all together in a concluding keynote address was data activist Renée Cummings, who spoke of her work in the overlap of AI ethics, criminology, psychology, urbanism and technology.

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Renee Cummings speaking
Data Activist in Residence Renée Cummings gave the keynote address at the Responsible Technology Summit