Prince Afriyie Discusses Generative AI in Education on CBS19 ‘Inside The Numbers’

May 30, 2024
CBS19 Morning News with anchors and Professor Prince Afriyie

How do educators view the use of generative AI in the classroom? Prince Afriyie, associate professor of data science and director of the residential data science master's program, discusses the different viewpoints and concerns. 

According to Afriyie, there are different schools of thought, with the majority of educators in the middle of the debate between embracing the technology or excluding it. Afriyie sees the use of generative AI — such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Gemini and others — as an opportunity to help students learn the tools effectively and responsibly. 

Afriyie believes educators should embrace the technology, as students have and will continue to utilize it in their studies, personal lives, and in their careers post-graduation. Focusing on teaching the underlying principles, ethics, and privacy will help students stay informed and use generative AI effectively and conscientiously. Watch Afriyie on CBS19 "Inside The Numbers” here. 


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