Data for Health Equity

  • Examining Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations Through Analysis of Public Datasets and Medical Record Data Through the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C)
    Suchetha Sharma, Data Scientist, School of Data Science, UVA
  • The Disability Community as a Health Disparity Population: Rationales for and Approaches to Engagement
    Rupa Valdez, Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and Engineering Systems and Environment, UVA
  • An International Study of the Prevalence and Structure of Neurobehavioral Symptoms in Individuals with Long COVID
    Paul B. Perrin, Professor of Data Science and Psychology, UVA

Data in Design and Visualization

  • Connected Reality: Visualizing Networks with Interactivity 
    Alexander J. Gates, Assistant Professor of Data Science, UVA
  • Learning from Interaction Traces: Representations, Models, and Predictions
    Alvitta Ottley, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Addressing Data Overload with Collaborative and Explainable AI 
    Sara Riggs, Associate Professor of Systems Engineering, UVA

Data in Sports Science

Sponsored by the Sports Analytics Club Program

  • Geometric Data Analysis in Sports
    Stephen Baek, Associate Professor of Data Science, UVA
  • Sports & Design: Reframing Sports Science Within the 4+1 Model
    Natalie Kupperman, Assistant Professor of Data Science, UVA
  • Lessons Learned (Again) Via Sports Analytics 
    William T. Scherer, Professor and Associate Chair of Engineering Systems and Environment, UVA

Data in Environmental Resilience

  • Data Science of Hyperspectral Imaging 
    William Basener, Professor of Data Science, UVA
  • Observing Air Pollution Inequalities in Cities From Space 
    Sally Pusede, Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, UVA
  • Trustworthy Representation Learning for Fish Identification 
    Sheng Li, Assistant Professor of Data Science, UVA

The Future of Academic Data Science

Co-sponsored by the Academic Data Science Alliance

Jim Ryan, President, University of Virginia

Panel Discussion:

  • Phil Bourne, Dean, School of Data Science UVA
  • Doug Hague, Executive Director, School of Data Science, UNC-Charlotte
  • H.V. Jagadish, Director, Michigan Institute for Data Science, University of Michigan
  • Micaela Parker, Executive Director, Academic Data Science Alliance (moderator)

Careers in Data Science Panel

  • Brant Horio, Fellow, Applied Research & Partnerships, LMI
  • Kelsey McDonald, Director, Ticket Analytics, Brooklyn Nets, BSE Global
  • Miriam Friedel, Senior Director, Machine Learning Engineering, Capital One
  • Reggie Leonard, Associate Director for Career Connections and Community Engagement, School of Data Science, UVA (moderator)

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