Our society faces immense challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, and broad economic uncertainty.

At the School of Data Science, our mission remains clear. We are duty-bound to leverage our expertise in the service of truth, justice, and the social good—and we seek industry partners who share our vision.

The Workforce of Tomorrow

The School of Data Science is the first of its kind in the nation, yet we are already convening the best and brightest in this flourishing field. Our approach encompasses all areas of academia, discovery, and industry innovation and intersects all aspects of society—from healthcare to finance, from public policy to the sciences, and beyond.

While data science and its applications span every discipline and industry, our current workforce is not so inclusive. Historically underrepresented groups, particularly Black Americans, are statistically underrepresented, with people of color making up only an estimated 4% of the data science field. By 2043, however, people from racially and ethnically minoritized groups will form the majority of the U.S. population. As industries rely increasingly on data, corporations must maintain their competitive advantage by investing in the diverse workers of the future. Our school must both prepare this workforce and create a more just society for them to enter.

Opportunities for Connection + Partnership

From our inception, the School of Data Science has sought to center ethics, inclusion, and transparency in all we do. The urgent racial, economic, and health challenges of this moment have prompted our school to accelerate and reallocate our resources and efforts in this area. We know that data can uncover systemic inequalities and injustices—yet our field cannot solve these issues without diverse voices and expertise or institutional and industry leaders.

Today, we seek to leverage our expertise and that of our partners to find creative solutions during a time of great unrest and uncertainty, as well as great opportunity. Whether through enhancing diversity through recruitment, cultivating thought leaders, or forging research partnerships, the School of Data Science welcomes new corporate connections that share our vision of equity and innovation.

Building the Workforce

We will address the lack of diversity in data science through targeted recruiting and scholarships that generate a pipeline for future talent, including:

  • Scholarships for underrepresented minorities embarking on data science careers ($50,000+)
  • HBCU Bridge to UVA Data Science Summer Research Program ($50,000+)
  • Professional development opportunities for underrepresented students, such as the Grace Hopper Celebration and National Society of Black Engineers ($5,000+)
  • Corporate sponsorships of our annual Women in Data Science Conference ($10,000)
  • Foster enhanced recruiting and mentorship for diverse student populations through corporate partnerships ($35,000)

Cultivating Research

Our school can enhance research partnerships and thought leadership through faculty and research hires that focus on diversity, ethics, and justice. We seek support for such positions as: 

  • Data Activist in Residence ($100,000)
  • Endowed Chair of Responsible Data Science ($500,000-$1,000,000)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Responsible Data Science ($100,000)

Supporting DEI Initiatives

Our work will inform corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and address societal problems through targeted research, such as:

  • Capstone Research Projects at the intersection of data science and racial justice ($15,000)
  • Faculty research around subjects such as Profiling & Ethics, Data and Social Justice, and COVID-19 and Race ($50,000+)
  • Presidential Fellowships for diverse, interdisciplinary collaboration among PhD candidates focused on justice and equity issues ($40,000+)
  • Speaker series with a focus on the intersection between data science, social justice, and relational ethics ($5,000+)

The School of Data Science welcomes the opportunity to work with your company around innovative data science research and diversity and inclusion efforts. We look forward to building a more just, equitable, and prosperous society through our partnership.