The School of Data Science supports computational resources and data governance policies that facilitate the missions of SDS and the University of Virginia.

We work with University leadership and our colleagues across Grounds in developing a strategy for data governance and defining the necessary infrastructure to maximize the value to the institution of its own data. The School of Data Science has a crucial role in designing the needed institutional infrastructure and data governance policies required by a data-driven organization to become efficient and to outperform its competitors. 

In this way, the university is always assured of having the capacity to fulfill its mission to use data science to solve society’s biggest challenges.

Research Ethics and Compliance

    Find Funding

    Research Development with Claudia Scholz

    • PI Research Aims – Development plan
    • Funding Opportunities and Tools (CORD)
    • Development of Research Submissions
    • Collaborative Networks 
    • Pipeline for Proposal Prep

    Proposal Development and Submission

    View the Office of the Vice President for Research’s guide to the proposal development resources available across the Grounds. It includes information on central and school-based resources.

    • Discussion to Documentation
      • When, how, who
    • Solicitation Review 
      • Unique Terms and Conditions
      • Meeting Requirements
      • Submission Deadline and Schedule of Proposal Compilation
        • Expectations for review based on when final submission received (SDS and OSP). 
        • Applications for extramural funding and related materials should be of the highest quality. Quality is the product of a deliberate, timely proposal preparation process that provides for substantial input, assistance, and review from research team members, faculty colleagues, mentors, departmental staff, and Dean’s office staff. This procedure creates a framework to ensure that Proposals and Related Documents represent our collective best efforts. 
    • Project Team 
      • PI
      • CO-PI
      • Contributors
    • Proposal Finances 
      • The basics
      • Special conditions 
      • Budget prep/review
      • F&A 
      • Allowable costs (special considerations) – Food, travel, alcohol, honoraria, 
      • Budget Justification
      • FAQs
    • Documentation
      • Application requirements
      • Technical proposal 
      • Biosketches / C&P
      • LOI/ LOS
      • Waivers/ certifications
      • Subaward details
      • Budget(s)
      • Budget Justification
      • IACUC/IRB approvals
      • Cost Share fund source 
      • Chair/Dean approvals
      • Collaborative Unit Approvals
      • Templates/Boilerplates
      • FAQs
    • Research Admin Role
      • Expectations
      • Support
      • FAQs

    Manage Sponsored Funds

    • Sponsored Funds Finance for PIs
      • Compliance
        • Policy and Procedures
        • FAQs
      • Tools
        • Research UVA (Huron eRA ETA TBD) – Research Admin dashboard for proposal submission, document retention, award process tracking (Managed by Central OSP) 
        • RECON@UVA – Reconciliation system for PI grant accounts
        • EFFORT@UVA – Effort Reporting
        • RAD – Research Administration Dashboard (PI portal for active grant data)
        • UBI – Finance reporting tool
        • WorkDay Finance July 2023 – Training forthcoming
        • Training/FAQs
      • Oversight – PI & Admin 
        • Subawards
        • CO-PIs
        • Staff/Student Pay
        • Cost Share 
        • Allowable Costs 
        • Expenses Allocation & Reconciliation 
          • Document retention 
          • Audit mitigation (basics)
        • Effort Reporting 
        • Project reporting (Financial, Technical, etc)
        • Award modifications (When, How, Who)
        • Award close out 
          • Reports
          • Certifications
          • IP disclosures
          • OSP close out
          • Document retention
        • Training/FAQs
      • Research Admin Role (Carey Reinicke)
        • Expectations
        • Support
        • FAQs

    Research Ethics, Compliance & Safety

    Tools and Resources

    Policy & Procedures

    • Federal
    • State
    • UVA
      • OSP
      • Procurement
      • Finance
      • HR
      • VPR
      • ITS