Background: B.A. Mathematics and (minor) Economics, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 2014; Senior Client Engagement Manager, Eze Software (New York, NY)

Why data science? Data science is a topic that consistently sees newspaper headlines, but very few people actually understand what it means and how it can be used. After undertaking my own research of the field, I quickly came to find that I was not satisfied with most people's answers to my questions. I wanted to learn more about data science and it's emerging applications in the real world.

The MSDS program at the DSI is a perfect complement to the MBA program at Darden. I am interested in how data science can be used to enhance business processes, and how it can be used to more efficiently evaluate a company. Many companies these days are eagerly looking to apply data science to their business, but many do not have the personnel or knowledge to do so.

Dream job: My current career goal is to pivot into a technical product management role at a large technology company. Through the MSDS program, I'm hoping to gain a technical skill set that I can use in harmony with an MBA.