Background: B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014; Senior Business Analyst - Electric Mobility, Ola Cabs (Karnataka, India); Decision Analytics Associate Consultant, ZS Associates (Haryana, India); Associate Software Engineer, IQVIA (Karnataka, India)

Why data science? After graduation, I pursued a role in consulting and data-analytics. At ZS Associates, I have worked with 15+ pharmaceutical clients across four continents, engaging in multiple functional areas. I have used multivariate regression, clustering, sequencing, and optimization techniques among others to provide analytics-based sales and marketing solutions to pharmaceutical firms.

But my experience has been limited to sales and marketing problems within the niche Pharma domain. By pursuing the MSDS at the DSI, I want to refine my experience, build knowledge of machine learning algorithms and advanced statistics, and gain exposure to diverse industries.