Background: B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering, SRM University, Chennai, India, 2014; Data Science Specialization, Johns Hopkins University (Coursera), 2017; Senior Data Analyst, Media IQ (India); Business Analyst/Account Strategist, Global Performance Delivery, InMobi (India)

Why data science? An introduction to the world of data science was extended to me during the senior year of my undergraduate studies, where I worked on a project with the goal of improving the process lead time of a manufacturing line at TVS Brakes Ltd. In spite of being equipped with the skills to apply lean manufacturing techniques and operations research, I was faced with unforeseen challenges during data collection. The existing database needed a major clean up before it could be subjected to basic analyses. I had to manually collect the essential data using time studies and entries from paper-based registers. After rigorous analysis however, I was in a position to pinpoint operational inefficiencies and correct for them through an improved layout.

At the time, my goal was to efficiently execute the internship project at school and move on to a real-world job, but while reflecting on the process, I was hit by an overwhelming sense of accomplishment because a complete manufacturing line was revamped with the help of insights derived from data. This drove me to revaluate my career path and pursue data science.

Research and Career Interests: Sports analytics and analytics applied to the medical sciences. I am most interested in understanding the application of complex machine learning in everyday problems.