Background: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, 2016; Technical Associate, AARK TechAccess (New Delhi, India); Analyst, EY (New Delhi, India)

Why data science? My experiences working in consulting exposed me to the vast amounts of data collected in the world. However, collected data is often underutilized leading to missed chances for innovation and optimization. As the saying goes, 'data is the new oil', and exposure to the huge opportunities in this area ignited my interest and passion for data science.

Combining my software skills as an electrical engineering graduate and data mining skills as a consultant by pursuing data science was a natural choice for me. The MSDS program at the DSI attracted me for its interdisciplinary nature and all-round strength in various application areas including econometrics and biomedicine. I'm hoping to gain a deeper insight into how data-driven solutions can improve outcomes for businesses and people.

Research and Career Interests: My research interests primarily lie in the areas of technology and financial services. I am deeply interested in developing data-driven solutions for software companies and using machine learning to optimize decisions for financial institutions.