Background: B.E. (Hons.) Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India, 2015; Senior Analyst, Media IQ Digital (Bangalore, India); Project Trainee, Research and Development, Ericsson Global Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon, India)

Why data science? I love solving challenging problems.

During a conversation with a professor at BITS, Dr. MK Deshmukh, I came to know of an issue the institute was facing. The power output from the windmills on our university campus was not optimized to include seasonal and temporal fluctuations, an important issue in order to effectively take advantage of high wind speeds.

I undertook the task of solving this issue by projecting the wind speed, and in turn the Wind Potential Energy, for the next season. I studied various statistical techniques, such as Weibull and Rayleigh distributions used for wind potential estimation, before picking the best fit. Then, I filtered out the noise and the outliers. I utilized the windmill data to simulate next year's output with 87% accuracy. It was then, in my penultimate year at BITS while doing this research project, that I was first exposed to and became interested in data science.

Research and Career Interests: I am interested in the fusion of business and statistics, with an additional focus on real world applications and in-depth computing like machine learning and data mining.