Q: With whom should I meet with to discuss the minor? 

A: Brian Wright (brianwright@virginia.edu) or Patti Edson (patti.edson@virginia.edu) hold Open Office Hours on Fridays. More information here. 

Q: How many classes are in the minor? 

A: Five classes or 15 credits

Q: What are the prerequisites? 

A: There is only one prerequisite -- Statistics (1100, 2120, 1601, 1602, 2020, 3110, or 3120)

Q: Is this a new minor? 

A: Yes. More information on the minor in Data Science here

Q: How do I declare the minor? 

A: See the website here. Additionally, it is important to note that students in the College can declare this as a first minor but a second must be in the college. Essentially, students that elect to have 2 minors whose major is in the College, one has to be within the College.

Q: If I’m in the College, can I double-count classes toward my major or another minor toward the Data Science minor? 

A: No, students may not double count classes from their major in the College toward the SDS minor, nor from a minor in the college.

Q: How many classes can I double count? 

A: Students must follow their School of Enrollment policies. In the absence of a specific School of Enrollment policy, students may double-count and transfer in total up to two courses towards minor. If the School of Enrollment does not have a double-counting limit, a student may double-count 2 courses at most between this minor another program.

Q: Can I transfer credits?

A: Students may transfer up to 1 course, whether it be post or pre-matriculation. For example, in the absence of a double-counting limit from the School of Enrollment, a student may transfer 1 course, and double-count a second course, thus meeting the 2 course limit