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DSI to help community organizations build data science capacity

March 12, 2019

With a grant from the Jefferson Trust, the University of Virginia Data Science Institute is launching a project to strengthen data science literacy and capacity in our community by aiding mission-driven organizations in answering questions about managing, analyzing and visualizing their data.

The mid- to long-term goal is to build a platform to match community organizations that have data science needs to UVA service-learning classes and student volunteers who can provide data support and problem-solving. The DSI believes this online platform will provide a valuable service to the Charlottesville community, build bridges between the campus and local nonprofits, and create avenues to experiential learning opportunities for students at all levels.

The project will have two phases. The first phase will be to help groups scope out their problem, and to design and disseminate a workbook or similar tool that will walk non-profit leaders through the process of identifying their data assets, devising interesting questions, setting realistic expectations and preparing a scope of work for their data science projects. The second phase will begin with a hackathon to design a digital platform that will use an algorithm to match community projects to student volunteers and/or service learning classes on grounds.

The DSI hopes to have the platform up and running by March 2020, so that it can be populated by projects and volunteers to start their partnerships as the fall 2020 semester begins.

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