All prerequisites must be met before the start of the program but do not need to be completed at the time of application submission.

Proof of completion will be required for any incomplete prerequisites, if an applicant is admitted and accepts the offer of admission.

Applicants can fulfill a prerequisite with a traditionally taught class (either within or outside of their undergraduate degree) or an online version. Any versions taken must be taught at the college level. It is to an applicant’s benefit to consider versions that provide rigorous and thorough coverage of the subject matter in order to be fully prepared for the MS in Data Science program. The prerequisites should not be thought of as admission hurdles but rather as essential tools for preparedness and success in the MSDS program.

Have I met the prerequisites? What are the options to fulfill them?

How do I report my prerequisite information on the application?

Single Variable Calculus Key Topics

Linear Algebra Key Topics

Introductory Programming Key Topics

Introductory Statistics Key Topics