Faculty, staff, students, and researchers at the School of Data Science have responded to COVID-19 by diving into various research projects related to the virus. From building stochastic spread models, which estimate the survival rates and infection counts, to mapping emergency protection against tenant evictions due to the virus, faculty are exploring the widespread impacts of COVID-19.

Faculty are teaming up with the UVA Hospital, Wikipedia, the NIH, and more to understand more about this pandemic. 

Some of the following projects are still in the proposal stage, while others are well along in findings. As updates about the research come in, this page will reflect changes, developments, and progress. 

Follow the links below for more details on these projects. 

COVID-19 Etiology and Mechanism

UVA’s Phil Bourne and Cam Mura, together with Robert Preissner (Charité-Berlin) and Saskia Preissner and an international team, analyzed electronic health records (EHRs) of nearly 70,000 COVID-19 patients distributed across 17 countries to look into the connections between age, gender, hormones, and COVID-19. 

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 Scholia provides a variety of publications relating to the study and research of COVID-19. UVA researcher Daniel Mietchen is actively working on this project.

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Information on how members of the UVA School of Data Science are working with iTHRIV on COVID-19 research. Don Brown, Founding Director of the former Data Science Institute, is working with iTRHIV on various projects. 

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Lane Rasberry, Wikimedian-in-Residence at UVA School of Data Science, has been working with a large team on various projects through the Wikipedia platform. 

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UVA Hospital 

UVA Data Science faculty member Gerry Learmonth has been working with the UVA Hospital to create models on cases of COVID-19 in the Charlottesville area. 

Global Housing Protection Legislation and Housing Justice Action Map

The "COVID-19 Global housing protection legislation and housing justice map" is an initiative of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a data-visualization, data analysis, and storytelling collective documenting the housing crisis with volunteers around the world. 

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Many UVA Data Science faculty, staff, students, and researchers are active members of the GitHub community. Any GitHub projects relating to COVID-19 research will be posted in the link above.